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Jet Black Fans offer Lease to Own

Need cooling for summer but no budget?

If you are keen to help cool your staff and customers, Jet Black Fan Systems have an affordable option to help you achieve the cool summer you deserve.

  • Pay off over 3 years
  • Great interest rate available 
  • Get your fan now and pay off monthly over 3 years
  • Very low maintenance fans making every year affordable and easy

High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fans are an efficient and effective way to cool your workplace.  We service both industrial facilities where in most cases only HVLS fans are used due to being the only form of cooling that is affordable in these building types, and commercial buildings where these fans are used to lower your operational costs significantly and decrease your carbon footprint. 

Industrial High Volume Low Speed fan application:

HVLS fans used in industrial buildings work by moving around tons of air, to create evaporative cooling which gives the cooling effect of up to 10 degrees Celcius.  These fans are so affordable to operate they cost from as little as a regular light bulb to run - you are unlikely to even notice this on your power bill!  The cooling effects generated from HVLS industrial fans can deliver the following benefits:

  • Increase staff retention - happy workers stick around, saving you money on recruitment and training
  • Increase accuracy - there are several studies proving that workers who work in a comfortable room temperature make less mistakes, which saves your business money
  • Increase air quality - by circulating literally tons of air, you increase the ventilation, decrease odours, disperse harmful fumes, reduce humidity.  Your staff and customers will love the natural air quality these HVLS fans bring to your workplace

Most industrial buildings are not airtight nor insulated well, which means it costs a fortune to install a refrigeration cooling system capable of servicing the building, then operationally the cost could well put you out of business.  HVLS fans offer an affordable alternative that costs so little to run you wont even notice it.  Additionally, if you already have extraction fans installed then these fans work in conjunction to help actively lower the air temperature in your building.

Commercial High Volume Low Speed fan application:

High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fans used in commercial buildings are generally used to help lower your power input and carbon footprint.  They work by circulating the air so your cooling system does not have to work so hard to distribute the cool air.  The added wind chill factor created by the soft breeze these HVLS fans create, ensures your staff and customers get additional cooling.  This ultimately means you can adjust your thermostat by several degrees which in turn saves you mega bucks in your power bill.  HVLS fans that are effectively installed in a commercial building to accompany a cooling system, can pay themselves off in less than 2 years!  They are a great asset that is worth the initial investment - they will pay themselves off through your power bill savings.

  • Create a more natural and comfortable environment - much more comfortable for those staff and customers who suffer ill effects of drying and headaches with air conditioning systems
  • Decrease your power bill - these fans are so effective they will pay themselves off
  • Decrease your carbon footprint - the time is now to make an improvement for the environment.  Show customers your business is doing good by reducing the load on your cooling system, you are effectively reducing your company's carbon footprint.  

Jet Black Fans is one of the only NZ businesses to hold stock of HVLS fans.  Ranging from ceiling fans, wall mounted and portable options, we can certainly assist in helping cool your staff and customers.  Here to help with your cooling solution, give us a bell for this summer with our very special lease to own options available.