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Need efficient cooling for summer?

The answer is High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fans.

HVLS fans are ultimately a huge ceiling fan used to create literally tons of airflow. 

The breeze generated by these fans creates an evaporative cooling effect when it touches your skin, which creates the cooling perception of up to 7 degrees Celsius!

** Lower your carbon footprint

** Increase accuracy and productivity of your staff 

** Invest in a cooling system you can afford to operate


  • Our blades are pitched at the most efficient and effective angle to create the least drag, while distributing the most amount of air. This reduces the strain on the motor, creating a very efficient and quiet form of cooling.


  • The largest fan at 7.3m diameter only requires a full power input of 1.8KW – this is so low you are unlikely to notice an effect on your power bill.


  • When combined with an air conditioning system, these fans will save you money. Because these fans work to distribute the air, and because cool air on your body creates an extreme cooling effect, you can adjust your thermostat a couple of degrees so your air conditioning does not need to work so hard. 


  • They save you up to 20% in summer and 30% in winter; Our fans pay for themselves.


Fan sizes vary from 2.4m - 7.3m diameter, great for many spaces including restaurants, cafes, stores, big box retailers, warehouses, packhouses, dairy farms - the list goes on..


Jet Black Fans is a local business helping you with your cooling solution.  Limited stock available, get in for summer.