HVLS Industrial Fans - Eurus


Industrial HVLS Ceiling Fans - Eurus Series

Air conditioning in industrial buildings is often cost prohibitive to operate and / or impractical due to the size of the building and lack of insulation.  Jet Black Fan Systems huge Industrial HVLS ceiling fans are highly efficient and quieter than traditional HVLS fans due to its advanced brushless direct drive PMSM motor technology.  These industrial fans work by moving a huge amount of air using low speed technology to ensure they are quiet and affordable to run.  These huge fans effectively cover an area ranging from 800m2 up to 1800m2 and larger where there are few obstructions, with a gentle cooling breeze that you can adjust with our variable speed controller (VSD).  

Industrial HVLS ceiling fans are perfect for large industrial facilities where high volume airflow / cooling is required due to the massive coverage area required.  They cover a huge area and cost less than the average household toaster to run.  Keep staff comfortable and more productive in large buildings by providing a cooling breeze that cools people (and animals) up to 7°C.

NO HIDDEN COSTS - we are not like other suppliers in NZ who quote your VSD controller and extension poles separately.  Jet Black Fans will quote your fan all inclusive so there are no hidden surprises!  Installation is a separate cost.

Recommended ceiling height of 4 meters minimum.

Our team can measure and quote the best HVLS Fans and placement for your building.  Don't suffer through another hot summer, get in touch now to avoid missing out.  

Key Features

  • Expected Lifetime of 15 years
  • Most Efficient in NZ
  • Virtually Silent
  • 4-7°C Body Cooling
  • Helps Removes Odour
  • 2 Years Warranty
  • VSD Control Box Included
  • Up to 5m Extension Pole
  • 5 Aviation Magnalium Blades
  • Flurocarbon Paint
  • Featuring PMSM technology

    Jet Black HVLS fans feature the latest PMSM technology which offers:

    • Better torque ratio
    • Lower noise
    • Improved efficiency
    • No need for motor maintenance 
  • Transmission technology

    • SKF bearings
    • CNC high precision carving technology
    • High precision assembly which ensures the stability of transmission system and service life
  • Fan Blade Technology

    • Imported special high strength aircraft grade magnalium
    • Aerodynamic fan blade design
    • Airfoil patent
    • 3 sets of strengthening support systems, which increases the strength of the fan blade, avoids the drop of the fan blade wingtip and ensures connectivity safety

Technical Specifications for EURUS series

Our most powerful Industrial HVLS fan on the NZ market - massive coverage, refined motor technology so it is even quieter





Max Speed 75 RPM 70 RPM 62 RPM 57 RPM
Weight 106 kg 114 kg 120 kg 135 kg
Max Power 1.8 Kw 1.8 Kw 1.8 Kw 1.8 Kw
Max. Air Volume 759,000 m³/h 801,000 m³/h 825,800 m³/h 888,600 m³/h
Input Voltage 240V/1P 240V/1P 240V/1P 240V/1P
Full-Load Current 3.0A 3.6A 4.0A 5.0A
Noise Level 37.8dB 37.8dB 37.8dB 37.8dB

Our Industrial Range is perfect for:

  • Industrial buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Distribution Centres
  • Horticulture packhouses
  • Event Centres
  • Dairy Farms
  • Sports Clubs
  • Recreation Centers
  • Arenas
  • Theatres
  • Transport Hubs
  • Airports

Minimum height of 3.5 meters required from floor to ceiling, recommend at least 4 meters for better effectiveness.  Our team will advise per site as to your best diameter fan and height of install to achieve the most effective cooling in your building.

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