EurusIII Series

HVLS (High Volume, Low Speed) Fans

Huge Cooling Benefits with our Huge Industrial Ceiling Fan

Cool your large shed with the EURUSIII Series ceiling fan; our largest, energy-saving fan with a diameter ranging from 4.9m to 7.3M. With top of the range PMSM (permanent magnet synchronous motor) technology, this sophisticated fan with imported special high strength aircraft grade magnalium is super safe, strong and efficient.  The best and most economical solution for effectively distributing airflow in very large buildings.

Rated IP55 makes it suitable for all indoor applications, and use in covered outdoor facilities.

  • PMSM Advanced Motor Technology

    Compared with common geared motor

    • PMSM motor technology means less maintenance
    • Very efficient
    • Virtually silent
    • Unique external motor torque design, maximum torque of 260N.m
    • Electromagnetic induction
    • Double bearing transmission
  • Motor Hub

    1500T C45 steel hot forged, numerical control machining & CNC precise machining.  Protected with electrophoretic coating.

    Forging is able to confirm the consistency of metal structure, which can keep the inside structure and the outside shape of forged pieces consistent. By CNC machining, the precision tolerance has been controlled in 100um, which guarantees the precise dynamic balance of the hub.

  • Aircraft Grade Fan Blade

    High strength aircraft grade magnalium coated with polyvinylidene fluoride PVFD processed in surface, with an aerodynamic fan blade design. Kale's new patent Kale Airfoil Blades include 3 sets of strengthening support systems to increase the strength of the fan blade and avoid drop of the fan blade tail achieving additional safety benefits.

  • Aerodynamic Winglet

    This is designed to push the air around to optimise the airflow reach and cooling benefits felt on the ground.  It's aerodynamic design ensures it assists in moving massive amounts of air without overloading and compensating on efficiency.  

  • VSD Control Panel

    Top level electrical configuration in HVLS industry

    • Schneider brand electrical sets, with a built in safety protection module which will shut down the output automatically if a problem is detected
    • Germany brand control cabinet, passed EMC by SGS and CCC certificates, passed anti-creeping tests which effectively shields electromagnetic interference
    • Protection level is IP55, passing UL, EMC,LVD, ROHS certificates

About the EurusIII Series

Our largest high volume low speed industrial ceiling fan on the market

With power of just 1.8KW or less, the blades are able to circulate a mass of air which produces a large amount of natural wind, which leads to the double functions of ventilation and temperature cooling. Compared with the traditional HVAC conditioners and small high-speed air blowers, this industrial fan has superior advantages in applications where large cooling, ventilation or destratification is required to improve the indoor environment for customers and workers.  



It’s efficient

The advanced PMSM technology means this shifts tonnes of air at only 1.8kw or less

It's safe

All our fans have extra safety precautions installed including seismic rated restraints and interlocking fan blades

Noise levels to within 38.7dB for a healthier work environment

It's value for money

Experience the benefits of cooling and ventilating large areas with very low operating costs.  

When combined with HVAC systems these will literally save you money - up to 30% from your powerbill


Our EurusIII Range is perfect for:

  • Industrial Application
  • Warehouses
  • Distribution Centres
  • Packhouses
  • Event Centres
  • Dairy Farms
  • Recreation & Entertainment
  • Transport Hubs
  • Large spaces

Minimum height of 4 meters required from floor to ceiling, minimum of 4.5m suggested for best effect.

Tech Specs











Input Voltage

240V / 1P

240V / 1P

240V / 1P

240V / 1P

KW input





Full Load Current





Noise Level





Max speed





Air displacement (m3/hour)





Key Features

Our fans are crafted with design, efficiency and longevity in mind.

  • 2 Years Guaranteed Machine Warranty, extended available

  • 4-7°C Body Cooling

  • Save up to 30% when combined with HVAC

  • Interlocking extension rods up to 6m long

  • Single Phase input

  • NZ Seismic tested / rated

  • VSD control box customisable up to 32 fans

  • Integrated safety connections

  • Covered SKF bearings

  • Rated noise only 37.8dB, virtually silent

Want to cool down for summer?

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