Airpole HVLS Fans

Airpole / Freestanding HVLS Fans

Our Airpole HVLS fans are an innovative new design which allows you to utilise the fantastic cooling technology of HVLS Fans, even with ceiling and height restrictions.  

Standing at 3 meters tall, with a base of 1.3 meter diameter, these revolutionary fans come in large fan diameters ranging from 2.4meter - 4.2meter.  They have the same fan and motor as our Commercial range, but the install requirements are far less and it plugs in with a 15meter power cord.  

Proven as an effective cooling and air circulation fan, you will be blown away this this design.  Our engineering and electrical team have worked hard alongside Kale manufacturing to ensure the safety and longevity of this unique design.

We have a sample available for customers wanting to experience the cooling effects without the capital risk - we know you will love this fan!  Contact us now to arrange this fantastic limited time option.

Key Features

  • Innovative Pole Design

  • No Electrical Install Required

  • 15 meter Power Lead Included

  • 4-7°C Body Cooling
  • Virtually Silent
  • 2 Years Parts Warranty

  • VSD Control Box Included
  • 8 Aviation Magnalium Blades
  • Flurocarbon Paint
  • Quality SKF Bearings

  • Featuring PMSM technology

    Jet Black HVLS fans feature the latest PMSM technology which offers:

    • Better torque ratio
    • Lower noise
    • Improved efficiency
    • No need for motor maintenance 
  • Transmission technology

    • Covered SKF bearings
    • CNC high precision carving technology
    • High precision assembly which ensures the stability of transmission system and service life
  • Fan Blade Technology

    • Imported special high strength aircraft grade magnalium
    • Aerodynamic fan blade design
    • Airfoil patent
    • 3 sets of strengthening support systems, which increases the strength of the fan blade, avoids the drop of the fan blade wingtip and ensures connectivity safety
  • Unique Pole Stand

    • Innovative Pole Design
    • 3 meters High
    • 15m powercord included
    • Solid and safe design
    • Unique to NZ market

Technical Specifications for Airpole HVLS Freestanding Fan

Our HVLS Airpole fan - designed to fit where ceiling installations are prohibitive





Max Speed 120 RPM 100 RPM 90 RPM 76 RPM
Weight 31 kg 35 kg 38 kg 41 kg
Power 0.15 Kw 0.2 Kw 0.3 Kw 0.4 Kw
Air Volume 89,400 m³/h 142,800 m³/h 180,600 m³/h 223,800 m³/h
Input Voltage 240V/1P 240V/1P 240V/1P 240V/1P
Full-Load Current 0.9a 1.3a 1.5a 1.8a
Noise Level 41dB 40dB 39dB 39dB

Our Airpole HVLS Fan is perfect for:

  • Event Centres
  • Churches
  • Restaurants & Cafes
  • Large Offices
  • Sports Industries
  • Recreation & Entertainment
  • Transport Hubs
  • Commercial spaces

Minimum height of 3.5 meters required from floor to ceiling

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