• Industrial HVLS Fan in Warehouse

    HVLS Fans

    High Volume Low Speed Fans keeping staff & customers comfortable in summer & winter

  • Portable HVLS Fan in Warehouse

    "Moving the air is as good as cooling it"

    Wise words from one of many happy customers

Affordable Solution to Cool & Ventilate your Workplace

Find your effective & comfortable cooling | ventilation solution now

Hamilton Gymnastics

"We honestly could not have gotten through summer without it. The impact you feel is huge;
Best.. Purchase.. Ever! Thanks team!"

Erica Third, Manager

Franklin Gymsports

"I would highly recommend Jet Black Fans for anyone looking at a cooling system that is both effective and efficient... Jet Black Fans was an absolute pleasure, they took care of everything for us... The installation was seamless."

Michelle Miller, Manager

Some benefits of using HVLS fans include

Happy Staff

Virtually Silent

Energy Efficient

Low Maintenance

money savings on operational and capital for HVLS fans

Cost Savings

We are NZ's only business to hold big HVLS Fans in stock

Large Ceiling fans

The Largest HVLS Ceiling Fans

  • Diameters between 4.9m - 7.3m
  • Largest Air Volume | Suits Large Industrial Builds
Quiet comfort cooling fans in restaurant

Small HVLS Ceiling Fans

  • Diameters between 2.4m - 4.2m 
  • Suits Commercial or Smaller Industrial Buildings
Portable fan in distribution warehouse

Portable Fan

  • Portable - Install free
  • Massive Airflow | Super Quiet
Wall mounted fan cooling a distribution warehouse, supplied by Jet Black Fans NZ

Wall Mounted Fan

  • Easy install for lower ceilings
  • Very quiet & efficient compared to regular Wall fans
Portable ceiling fan supplied by Jet Black Fans NZ

Portable Ceiling Fan

  • Portable Ceiling Fan
  • Easy install 

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Whole Fan Range HVLS supplied and installed by Jet Black Fans NZ

About Jet Black Fan Systems

Jet Black Fans supply and install HVLS fans exclusively.  We have a reputation of providing fantastic service, fast delivery and superb after sales service.  Jet Black Fans can help with whatever your industrial or commercial fan application may be, ensuring we find the best solution for your business. 

We love our range of huge fans for a great solution for big workplaces, offering a unique quiet and efficient cooling and ventilation solution.

We are a trading division of Punchbowl Packaging Ltd which allows us to access quality engineering and product development resources while saving operationally - thereby we literally blow our customers over with our lower cost model business offering.

Jet Black Fans are in stock now

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Shipping delays are prominent due to the ongong pandemic.

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