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Based in Auckland NZ, Jet Black Fan Systems are a family owned and operated business, experts in the supply and install of High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) Fans for cooling and ventilation in buildings large and small.

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About as quiet as a Mouse's fart!

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Low KW & Save up to 30% when used in conjunction with HVAC!

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Independently seismic tested, NZSS & ERAC certified

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HVLS ceiling fan

Industrial Ceiling Fans - 4.9m - 7.3m diameter

These HVLS industrial sized fans are perfect for large spaces where airflow and cooling is required but often prohibitive. These cover huge spaces, minimizing the installation and operating costs.
  • Cool up to 1200m2 with 1 fan
  • For ceilings from 4m - 15m high
  • Suitable for large buildings
fan in restaurant

Commercial Ceiling Fans - 2.4m - 4.2m Diameter

Great for commercial spaces where design, efficiency and silence is important, while providing exceptional consumer and staff comfort.
  • Cool up to 600m2 with 1 fan
  • Minimum ceiling height of 3.5m
  • Available as lease to own or purchase outright
Airpole HVLS fan

Airpole Freestanding Fan

3m pole fan for your same benefits as a ceiling fan, but on a unique pole design for tricky ceiling spaces or clients after no fuss no installation.

  • Cool up to 600m2 with 1 fan
  • No fuss Install
  • Rental, Lease to Own & Purchase Available


wall mounted HVLS fan

Wall Mounted Fan - Airfree

2m diameter wall mounted fan ideal in spaces with low ceilings where large areas are required for cooling and ventilation.  

  • Airflow equals about 20 regular fans
  • Cool up to 218m2 with 1 fan
  • Great for cooling aisles


portable HVLS fan

Portable Fan - Airmove

2m diameter portable fan ideal in spaces with low ceilings where large areas are required for cooling and ventilation.  

  • Massive Airflow
  • Cool up to 218m2 with 1 fan
  • Rent, Lease to own or Purchase


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Airpole freestanding HVLS fan

More about Jet Black Fans

Jet Black Fans exclusively supply and install High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fans.  The NZ agent for Kale Fans, with the ability to distribute other brands for our customers as required, and have a reputation of providing fantastic service, fast delivery and superb after sales service.  Jet Black Fans can help with whatever your industrial or commercial fan application, and blow away the opposition with our business offering.

Our customers love High Volume Low Speed Fans too

"I would highly recommend Jet Black Fans for anyone looking at a cooling system that is both effective and efficient."
Michelle Miller, Franklin Gymsports

"Value for money absolutely.  It is hard to put a price on keeping the team happy, at a very busy part of the year you can't afford to have them falling over with dehydration and heat exhaustion, very, very, very well worth it."
Kerry Sole, Crasborn Freshmax

"Best.. Purchase.. Ever! Thanks team! "
Erica Third, Hamilton Gymnastics

More about High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fans

These huge commercial and industrial ceiling fans distribute large amounts of air throughout the building which cools people up to 7 degrees celcius.  The most economical form of cooling for both capital expenditure and for reducing your ongoing operational costs.  The ventilation they create through full air circulation disperses harmful fumes and unpleasant odours which means a healthier work space for your employees and customers.  Our smallest commercial ceiling fan (2.4m diameter) moves air quantity equivalent to more than 20 regular ceiling fans.

When combined with a cooling system, these huge ceiling fans assist the system by circulating the air which then provides a wind chill factor to increase the cooling capability - this equates to you adjusting the temperature gauge which reduces the load on your cooling system and saves a huge amount of money - HVLS fans literally pay themselves off.

Jet Black Fans has unique portable and freestanding fans available with the same High Volume Low Speed technology.  This means no matter what your space, we have a fan suitable to your needs to help cool your staff and workplace.  These directional fans are great for using in areas with ceiling height limitations or in spaces like gymnasiums where the portable benefits are experienced.

Jet Black HVLS fans are perhaps the only effective way to cool large industrial sheds such as packhouses, warehouses, distribution centres etc.  They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and will quite literally blow you away with their cooling benefits.  Don't worry though, all fans run on a VSD (variable speed drive) so you can adjust the speed for your perfect cooling and ventilation requirement without blowing things around.

Applications of HVLS ceiling fans:

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