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What does HVLS fans mean, & WHY do I NEED them?

High volume means these are huge fans - typically ceiling fans - that move tons of air (literally). Low speed means they do it strongly and steadily, without creating a lot of wind and turbulence, while covering an immense area. This means you get the gentle, evaporative cooling effect of a major air current moving through your space, without the noise, vibration or uncomfortable breezes which are common complaints with high-speed fans. 

HVLS fans also work in destratification, effectively mixing warm and cool air layers to reduce or eliminate stuffiness, odours and condensation, and help keep temperature levels comfortable and constant.

There are many benefits to installing an Industrial or Commercial HVLS ceiling fan:

  • Energy Savings - The large diameter and low-speed settings of our fans mean they can move a lot of air with very little energy input. In fact, an HVLS fan makes the air feel significantly cooler at a fraction of the cost of air conditioning or ventilation systems.  In winter you can run them at very low power to gently redirect warm air from the top of a room to where it’s needed near the floor. Used on their own or in tandem with your HVAC system, our fans will significantly lower your energy bills.

  • Lower Capital cost – When in the planning stage, it can save you approximately 10% in capital cost of your HVAC unit, when combined with an Industrial HVLS Ceiling Fan.  This is due to the HVLS Ceiling fan being the key to distributing the air throughout your building, so you do not need as powerful an HVAC cooling system.

  • Improved Worker Productivity and Comfort - Studies show that an uncomfortable work environment leads to low employee morale and lowered productivity – disengagement in NZ is a common workplace complaint that we need to combat; no business can afford the recruitment and training process, instead we should be aiming to retain our employees.  Unlike air conditioning and HVAC cooling systems, Industrial and Commercial HVLS ceiling fans are so powerful that they move air over and around obstacles, so you’ll get uniformly comfortable air without hot/cold spots or distracting breezes.

  • Healthier Indoor Air - In 2010, the World Health Organization recognized indoor air quality as an important risk factor in human health. Additionally, in the US, federal scientists rank indoor air pollution among the most important national environmental problems. Our products and systems help improve circulation and when combined with ventilation they reduce respiratory problems by eliminating carbon monoxide, mould, dust, air pollutants, fork truck fumes, welding fumes and metal-cutting fumes. Create a safe and healthy work environment for yourself and your employees.

  • A Sustainable Solution - HVLS fans are an excellent way to reduce your company’s carbon footprint by reducing your need to burn fossil fuel for heating and cooling.

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