Industrial ceiling fan with seismic restraints

Big Cooling HVLS Fans 

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High Volume Low Speed Fans for massive cooling & ventilation in medium to large buildings

Efficient & quiet cooling solution for any workplace. For use in Commercial or Industrial sites only (not homes).

Jet Black Fans are experienced in installing HVLS fans in many different sites & we pride ourselves on ensuring the best solution for you rather than being transactional; therefore we do not offer "buy nows".

HVLS Fans as a product are relatively new to New Zealand with many unknowns in the public eye (& in fact amongst professionals also) of just how these work, and how to ensure the best placement for the best airflow in your facility. You don't know what you don't know.

We are the experts at applying the best configuration of HVLS fans to address your site specific ventilation and cooling needs - touch base today for your no obligation site check and cooling / ventilation plan. 

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