Diamond Series Fan

Quiet, comfortable, compact, lightweight.  Diameters ranging 2.4m - 4.2m.

Our Diamond Series are a commercial sized HVLS fan using advanced motor technology making it very efficient, safe and virtually silent.

This HVLS fan is perfect in applications where they need to work effectively cooling your patrons and staff without imposing on the space and experience.  Can be customised in colour to suit your architectural design.

Diamond Series ceiling fans are perfect for smaller places such as restaurants, churches, gymnasiums and retail stores.  Used for cooling people and ventilating stagnant areas to create a more comfortable and inviting environment.  Encourage your patrons to shop longer, or give your staff the comfort they need to work to the highest standard by investing in a stylish and impressive ceiling fan.

All spaces are unique and often our solutions are bespoke, so please enquire for a price and we can talk through your site to find the best solution.  

Lease to own options available.

hospitality fan

Key Features

  • Huge airflow / cooling capacity = more than 20 regular fans equivalent

  • Lightweight & Compact
  • No motor maintenance

  • 2 Years Warranty (extended options available)



With 25% higher efficiency than AC motors, our fans use as little as powering a light bulb


You can now have a conversation without having to raise your voice - no more noisy fans!


Less structural load requirements with our lightest ceiling fan


NZ compliant, seismic tested to all NZ regions, integrated connections for additional safety

Our Diamond Range is perfect for:

  • Fitness gymnasiums
  • Airports
  • Train Stations
  • Retail Stores
  • Restaurants and Cafes
  • Sports clubs

Tech Specs



(8 ft)


(10 ft)


(12 ft)


(14 ft)

Max Speed 120 RPM 100 RPM 90 RPM 80 RPM
Weight 31 kg 35 kg 38 kg 41 kg
Power 0.15 Kw 0.2 Kw 0.3 Kw 0.4 Kw
Air Volume 89,400m3h 142,800m3h 180,600m3h 223,800m3h
Input Voltage 220-240V/1P 220-240V/1P 220-240V/1P 220-240V/1P
Full-Load Current 0.9A 1.3A 1.5A 1.8A
Noise Level 41dBA 40dBA 39dBA 39dBA

Keep your staff happy & comfortable

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