Wall Mounted Fan

2m Industrial HVLS Fan 

Wall mounted HVLS fan

2m Diameter Fan - Industrial / Commercial use only

Wall fans are perfect for both large and small spaces, lower ceilings and for directing airflow down aisles. Very popular in gyms.

These are like no other wall fan you have experienced.  Advanced PMSM motors make these quiet & efficient so it is a very comfortable & affordable long term cooling solution.

Only Jet Black Fan Systems offer options to Rent, Lease to own or Purchase outright.  Also offering bulk fan order discounts.

  • High Volume Air Cooling
  • Advanced PMSM Motor
  • Better than regular Wall mounts
  • CFM or CMM of airflow coverage wall fan

    High Volume Air Cooling

    Largest airflow available for wall fans:

    • Up to 288m2 of effective cooling windspeed (actual reach is longer)
    • 37,716 CFM (cubic feet per meter) of air volume / distribution
    • Cool lots of people with a variable speed controlled air volume
  • motor coils inside HVLS fan

    Advanced PMSM Motor

    Jet Black HVLS fans feature the latest PMSM technology which offers:

    • Better torque ratio
    • Lower noise
    • Improved efficiency
    • No motor maintenance, unlike geared motors
  • Airfree industrial wall mounted HVLS fan

    Better than regular Wall mounts

    • Low Speed means it is very quiet - only 220RPM vs regular up to 1500RPM 
    • 2 meters diameter means massive area coverage
    • IP55 protection level for easy cleaning & greater water / dust resistance
    • 2 years full warranty plus extended available

Key Features

Our fans are engineered with design, efficiency and longevity in mind.  High Volume Low Speed equals quiet & efficient operation, lots of air movement & lots of cooling.

  • PMSM motor means no motor maintenance

  • 37,716 CFM / 1068 CMM air volume

  • Protection level IP55 for outdoor use

  • Cooling wind up to 288sqm

  • 2 Years Full Parts Warranty

  • So quiet - full speed <43dB

  • Variable speed controlled breeze

  • So efficient - equivalent to operating a lightbulb

dimensions of wall mounted HVLS fan

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