Huge ceiling fans are effective at cooling various industries in NZ and worldwide

High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fans are used throughout many industries in NZ and worldwide.  Ceiling fans are the most common form of HVLS fan, as they distribute such a huge amount of air, creating fantastic circulation through the building making them very effective at cooling people and animals in large spaces.  As a comparison, our smallest fan (2.4m diameter) has equivalent airflow of roughly 20 regular ceiling fans.

The alternative to ceiling fans are our HVLS wall mounted, portable / directional or pole fans.  These are all fabulous options where height is an issue, or if the mounting structure is unable to support a fan (this is a rare scenario).

Choose your industry to see how we can help you make your space more comfortable, and which fan is best suited to each application.

We can install before summer

We hold stock of many different sizes year round. 

Stock is limited so don't delay in securing your cool fan before summer.