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HVLS fan use in Agriculture

How can HVLS fans help with Agriculture?

Agriculture is much of what New Zealand is known for - meat and dairy production - it makes sense then that we do what we can to keep our animals comfortable which in turn increases their productivity.

Did you know that in the late 1990's an innovator in his field was commissioned by a university professor to find a solution to heat stress on dairy animals that would in turn increase the milk yield for farmers.  This is when and why high volume low speed ceiling fans were invented, and their initial purpose being to cool animals.  It was the natural step to conclude this would also be an effective method of cooling people in large hot spaces as well.   

Our industrial ceiling fans can be mounted in cow sheds, ranches, goat sheds etc, to help reduce the stress heat on your animals.  Increase animal comfort and happiness with HVLS fans.  

Can we install in an open shed?

Yes. The control box needs to be under cover but as long as the fan is under a roof and away from direct sunlight then we are good to go.

Will this huge ceiling fan increase milk yield?

There are many studies showing milk yield increase and overall well being of the animals being increased through the use of HVLS fans for cooling.  

Which fan is best for me?

Check out our Industrial Eurus Series ceiling fans ranging from 4.2m - 7.3m diameter.  

If you have a tricky ceiling with lots of obstructions and not sure which is best for you then give us a call to talk it through.  We have seen so many scenarios and love helping you find the best cooling solution for you.

Industrial Eurus Series HVLS

4.2m - 7.3m diameter, most suitable for large sheds / areas

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