HVLS fans help cool down sports and fitness centres

Sports and fitness facilities often over heat in summer, causing discomfort to members, staff and athletes.  In hot conditions we often see heat stress which is counter-productive to athletes and often causes health and safety concerns.

Jet Black Fans has a variety of ceiling fans, wall mounted fans, portable fans and freestanding fans which run on HVLS technology to create a huge amount of airflow very efficiently and very quietly.  This airflow is what creates the cooling effect by breaking down the natural moisture barrier around your skin, it causes evaporation which leads to an intense cooling effect.  This effect is actually increased in cases where there is more moisture on your skin, which is why it is so effective for cooling perspiring athletes.

We have worked in the sports industry for over 8 years and have seen first hand how the heat can cause lack of retention in staff and members, and athletes not performing to their best ability.  In gymnasiums where we have installed high volume low speed ceiling fans, the customers are blown away with the difference they make to everyone's general happiness and feeling of well being.

HVLS Fans cooling sports facilities worldwide

Even the training facilities for Olympic athletes, such as Simone Biles, use HVLS Ceiling Fans for their extreme cooling sensation.

From 19 seconds into this video you can see 2 huge HVLS ceiling fans operating in the background.

Jump on the bandwagon for cheap cooling that actually works. Lower operational cost means more money to operate your facility.

Need to apply for a grant? No troubles, Vanessa has loads of success in this area due to her gymnastics management history - let us help you achieve a cooler more comfortable gym this summer.
Energy efficient

Energy Efficient

Spend money on members, not power
retain members

Retain Members

Happy members = better retention

Safety First

Integrated connections and safety wires, Siesmic rated
silent operation


Members hear you, not the fan
low maintenance

Maintenance Free Motor

Spend money on members, not maintenance
we hold stock

We carry Stock

Get cool now, no wait time

Which Fan For You?

Eurus Ceiling Fans - Big Spaces

Industrial Ceiling Fans are great for cooling the largest spaces. Ranging from 4.9m - 7.3m diameter.
- Highest wind speed / cooling capacity
- Most effective
- Virtually Silent
- Variable Speed Drive
- Needs minimum 4m clearance from floor

Diamond HVLS Ceiling Fan - Smaller spaces

Diamond Series fans are our smaller HVLS fan diameter, ranging from 2.4m - 4.2m.
- Lowest Power Consumption
- Virtually Silent
- Ideal for smaller spaces
- Variable Speed Drive
- Needs minimum 3m clearance from floor

Portable Airmove Fan - Limited ceiling space?

Airmove is NZ's only portable HVLS fan. Ideal for smaller spaces and low ceiling heights
- 100% Portable
- Super quiet with PMSM technology
- Ideal for smaller spaces
- Variable Speed Drive
- Easy assembly

Wall Mounted HVLS Fan - Limited ceiling space?

Airmove is NZ's only wall mounted HVLS fan. Ideal for smaller spaces and low ceiling heights or ceiling restrictions.
- Easy mounting from wall, pole or ceiling
- Super quiet with PMSM technology
- Ideal for smaller spaces
- Variable Speed Drive
- Easy assembly

Put comfort first;
increase retention of members & staff

FAQ's for Sports and Fitness Facilities

What if we have low ceilings?

If your ceiling height is less than 3.5m then we would recommend a wall mounted or portable fan as a better solution for you.  These are very effective at moving tons of air, much more effectively and efficiently than the popular low volume high speed models that are most prominent in fitness clubs.  The thing we love most about our fans is that they are basically silent so your staff don't have to bellow over the noise of a fan, and members walk away feeling generally better and less head-achy than they would normally.

Which fan is best for me?

Check out our different options above, depending on your facility type, largely depends on your ceiling height and mounting availability.

If you have a tricky ceiling with lots of obstructions then go for a wall mounted or portable option. If you are not sure which is best for you then give us a call to talk it through.  We have seen so many scenarios and love helping you find the best cooling solution for you.

We lease the building - how will this work for us?

These fans are so easy to install and cause no cosmetic damage to the building - just some bolt holes in the mounting area. So when you are ready to relocate, simply dismantle them (qualified electrician) and install in your new facility.

We are a Not For Profit - how can we afford the capital purchase?

Vanessa has over 8 years experience in successful grant applications for Not For Profits. We can provide guidance, workding templates and all the quotes for supply and install.

>Let us help take the hard work out of the process with experienced assistance.