Increase comfort and experience for your consumer.

Very popular where user experience is required for customer retention and higher spend capacity.  Often used in retail stores, restaurants, cafes, bars, wineries, airports, train stations etc.

Used for ventilation, humidity control, temperature leveling - High volume low speed fans are a cost effective cooling solution for increasing your consumers experience and encouraging them to spend longer in your shop / store.

Non disruptive airflow is easily adjusted through VSD controller and creates a lovely ambient cooling with a gentle caress of air throughout the building.  

Use with air conditioning to decrease your operational costs and increase your customer comfort who can be sensitive to overly agressive airconditioning. 

No noise = less stress
No refrigeration = no headaches
Adjustable speed = more comfort

Happy Customers of Jet Black Fans

What do I think of Jet Black Fans?  Awesome, our own team installed them, very easy to install... easy to put up, great piece of kit, easy to use, can't fault them.

Value for money absolutely.  It is hard to put a price on keeping the team happy, at a very busy part of the year you can't afford to have them falling over with dehydration and heat exhaustion, very, very, very well worth it."

Kerry Sole, Crasborn Fresh Max

energy efficient

Energy Efficient

So Low Power you Wont Notice
happy employees

Happy Customers

Retained customers = higher spend
safety integration

Safety First

Integrated connections and Siesmic cables


No Noise Stress
low maintenance

Maintenance Free Motor

Concentrate on Business, Not Maintenance

We carry Stock

Get cool now, no wait time

Which Fan For You?

Eurus Ceiling Fans - Big Spaces

Industrial Ceiling Fans are great for cooling the largest spaces. Ranging from 4.9m - 7.3m diameter.
- Highest wind speed / cooling capacity
- Most effective
- Virtually Silent
- Variable Speed Drive
- Needs minimum 4m clearance from floor

Diamond HVLS Ceiling Fan - Smaller spaces

Diamond Series fans are our smaller HVLS fan diameter, ranging from 2.4m - 4.2m.
- Lowest Power Consumption
- Virtually Silent
- Ideal for smaller spaces
- Variable Speed Drive
- Needs minimum 3m clearance from floor

Portable Airmove Fan - Limited ceiling space?

Airmove is NZ's only portable HVLS fan. Ideal for smaller spaces and low ceiling heights
- 100% Portable
- Super quiet with PMSM technology
- Ideal for smaller spaces
- Variable Speed Drive
- Easy assembly

Wall Mounted HVLS Fan - Limited ceiling space?

Airmove is NZ's only wall mounted HVLS fan. Ideal for smaller spaces and low ceiling heights or ceiling restrictions.
- Easy mounting from wall, pole or ceiling
- Super quiet with PMSM technology
- Ideal for smaller spaces
- Variable Speed Drive
- Easy assembly

Increase customer spend
and your bottom line!

FAQ's for Retail / Hospitality Facilities

Can these be used Outdoors?

Yes! As long as the fan is covered, not exposed directly to the weather, then these can be used outside. IP55 rating from an internationally accredited NZ IP testing facility means you can trust this rating.

Which fan is best for me?

Check out our different options above, depending on your facility type, largely depends on your ceiling height and mounting availability.

Most retail and hospitality spaces use Diamond Series for an elegant and compact fan which fits many spaces discretely.

How many fans will we need?

Depending on your facility configuration and what you are trying to achieve will dictate the best size and quantity of fans for your site. Most spaces less than 200m2 require only one fan, depending on the building shape.