Cool down warehouse workers with HVLS
(High Volume Low Speed Fans)

Finally, a cooling solution you can afford. 

Virtually silent, comfortable - it is the only way to cool workers in a factory / warehouse environment.  You do not need to worry about open roller doors and wasting energy as they are so efficient to operate and work even better with passive ventilation such as open doors.

High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fans are enormous ceiling fans that move literally tons of air throughout large spaces.  Because of the low speed and type of motor they are virtually silent.  When this moving air hits your skin it creates a dramatic cooling effect, which largely relieves employee discomfort and heat fatigue.  In some spaces it is now a major health and safety concern to have overheating staff and no effective form of cooling in place. 

Historically it has been cost prohibitive to cool large industrial steel construction sheds due to the lack of insulation, not being airtight, and overall vastness of the building - the capital spend alone on installing a refrigeration cooling / HVAC system is enormous, then the operational expenses relating to this cooling makes it totally unachievable to many.  HVLS Fans are the solution you have been looking for!

Happy Customers of Jet Black Fans

What do I think of Jet Black Fans?  Awesome, our own team installed them, very easy to install... easy to put up, great piece of kit, easy to use, can't fault them.

Value for money absolutely.  It is hard to put a price on keeping the team happy, at a very busy part of the year you can't afford to have them falling over with dehydration and heat exhaustion, very, very, very well worth it."

Kerry Sole, Crasborn Fresh Max

low maintenance

Maintenance Free Motor

Concentrate on Business, Not Maintenance
happy employees

Happy Employees

Increase comfort, engagement & productivity
we have stock available

Stock Available

Don't Wait, Get Cool Now

Safety First

NZ Compliant, Siesmic rated restraints


Comfortable with No Noise Stress
Energy efficient

Energy Efficient

Such Low Power you Wont Notice

Which Fan For You?

Eurus Ceiling Fans - Big Industrial Spaces

Eurus Ceiling Fans - Big Industrial Spaces

Industrial Ceiling Fans are great for cooling the largest spaces. 
Cool up to 1200m2  with 1 fan

Ranging from 4.9m - 7.3m diameter.
- Highest wind speed / cooling capacity
- Variable Speed Drive
- Needs minimum 4m clearance from floor to ceiling

Diamond HVLS Ceiling Fan - Smaller spaces

Diamond HVLS Ceiling Fan - Smaller / Commercial Spaces

Commercial fans are a smaller HVLS fan diameter, ranging from 2.4m - 4.2m. Cool up to 600mwith 1 fan

- Lowest Power Consumption
- Variable Speed Drive
- Needs minimum 3m clearance from floor to ceiling

Portable Airmove Fan for Limited ceiling space

Large Portable Fan - Great for Limited ceiling space

Ideal for smaller spaces and low ceilings
Comfortably cools 230mwith 1 fan
- 100% Portable
- Basically silent
- Variable Speed Drive
- Rental also available

Wall Mounted HVLS Fan - aisle cooling

Wall Mounted HVLS Fan - Low Ceilings or Aisle Airflow

Airmove is NZ's only wall mounted HVLS fan. Ideal for smaller spaces and low ceiling heights or ceiling restrictions.
Comfortably cool 230mwith 1 fan
- Easy mounting from wall or ceiling
- Super quiet
- Variable Speed Drive

Put Staff Comfort First;
Increase Engagement & Productivity

FAQ's for Warehouse Fans

Can Jet Black Fans install outside of work hours?

Yes.  Jet Black Fans work with several install teams around NZ, many of which are happy working outside of work hours to ensure the best Health and Safety practices are kept.  Jet Black Fans can also install during work hours and have site safety plans along with H&S certification required for the job.

Which fan is best for me?

Most warehouse facilities can house our largest fan - Eurus Series for ultimate and even airflow distribution. 

If cooling is needed at the top of shelving for either fork lift drivers or for regulating product temperature we will need to assess directly.  This is a specialist job to ensure the best fit for your facility and will require our team to assess on a case by case scenario.

Can industrial ceiling fans be integrated into the buildings fire alarm system?

Yes your building alarm system can be integrated with Jet Black fans.  All it requires your building alarm system team to liaise with our installers to ensure the correct output is applied, then the alarm team integrate it into the fire alarm system to auto-stop in the event of a fire.