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HVLS fan use in distribution centres, warehouses, sheds and manufacturing facilities

How can HVLS fans help cool workers in huge sheds / facilities?

Industrial steel sheds are so common in New Zealand as they are the most economical form of building large spaces.  In turn they are generally lacking adequate insulation which means they suffer the extremities of temperature, particularly in the summer and winter months.

High Volume Low Speed fans are enormous ceiling fans that move literally tons of air throughout large spaces.  When this moving air hits your skin it creates a dramatic cooling effect, which largely relieves employee discomfort and heat fatigue.  In some spaces it is now a major health and safety concern to have overheating staff and no effective form of cooling in place.  Historically it has been cost prohibitive to cool large steel sheds due to the lack of insulation, the natural drafts throughout / not airtight, and overall vastness of the building - the capital spend alone on installing a refrigeration cooling or HVAC system is enormous, then the operational expenses relating to this cooling makes it totally unavailable to many.

HVLS fans are very efficient to operate - you likely will not even notice it operating, silent, comfortable and will not break the bank for your capital expenditure.  This is truly a cooling solution you can afford.

Can Jet Black Fans install outside of work hours?

Yes.  Jet Black Fans work with several install teams around NZ, many of which are happy working outside of work hours to ensure the best Health and Safety practices are kept.  Jet Black Fans can also install during work hours and have site safety plans along with H&S certification required for the job.

Can industrial ceiling fans be integrated into the buildings fire alarm system?

Yes your building alarm system can be integrated with Jet Black fans.  All it requires your building alarm system team to liaise with our installers to ensure the correct output is applied, then the alarm team integrate it into the fire alarm system to auto-stop in the event of a fire.

Which size industrial ceiling fan is best for me?

Check out our Industrial Eurus Series ceiling fans ranging from 4.9m - 7.3m diameter.  These are our largest fans which offer the most air movement - perfect for large hot industrial sheds.

If you have a tricky ceiling with lots of obstructions and not sure which is best for you then give us a call to talk it through.  We have seen so many scenarios and love helping you find the best cooling solution for you.

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