• HVLS ceiling fan with guy wires

    "The Staff absolutely love it"

  • HVLS fan in gym

    "Value for money... Very, very, very well worth it"

  • warehouse HVLS ceiling fan

    "Productivity is by far increased.."

  • portable HVLS fan on wheels

    "Moving the air is as good as cooling it"

  • freestanding pole fan

    "Best.. Purchase.. Ever! Thanks team!"

Crasborn Freshmax blown away by Jet Black Fans

"We've been dealing with Jet Black Fans for 2-3 years now since we installed our first fan.

We work in an environment which is a tin shed - extremely hot or extremely cold, temperature inside the low 40 degrees!

Historically we have tried cooling towers to cool the air and that just doesn't work.  You need an army of coolers to cool the room.

The best scenario we came up with, we talked with Shane, moving the air is as good as cooling it.  The moving air running across your skin gives the sensation of cool breeze.  The staff absolutely love it.  The team who come into the shed and have their doubts, I very quickly convince them how good it is - I'll go and turn it off.  You turn it off it is like stagnant heat.  

The benefits of the staff, productivity is by far - it is hard to measure.  Because its a normal day, work carries on - the temperature just sucks the life out of your team.

What do I think of Jet Black Fans?  Awesome, our own team installed them, very easy to install... easy to put up, great piece of kit, easy to use, can't fault them.

Value for money absolutely.  It is hard to put a price on keeping the team happy, at a very busy part of the year you can't afford to have them falling over with dehydration and heat exhaustion, very, very, very well worth it."

Kerry Sole, Crasborn Fresh Max

Hamilton Gymnastics Club

"Everyone (all 650 of us) have just loved the fan! We honestly could not have gotten through summer without it. Last summer there were real risks around participants becoming lethargic, concerns of them slipping from equipment and coaches feeling sick from the heat. This summer, though just as hot at times, there has been none of those concerns. The impact you feel is huge on the ground.

It blows your hair off your head and the banners off the walls. We never thought in a building our size (1000m2) that we would get that kind of breeze almost corner to corner, but we do. In fact we had to run it at half speed just so we didn’t disturb the gymnasts when they were competing at their first competition of the season! We haven’t had anyone mention concerns of visual disturbance with a big fan above their heads.

The install team were great, they were so efficient and accommodating. Was great to know the professionals were putting it up and we had nothing to worry about. When we hosted our first competition in March on a warm autumn day we had great feedback from other gymnastics clubs on the fan and how grateful they were we had installed it.

Best.. Purchase.. Ever! Thanks team!"

Erica Third, Hamilton Gymnastics

Cooling Big Old Sheds - Franklin Gymsports

"We had a Jet Black Fan installed in our large gymnastics hall last year.  Dealing with Jet Black Fans was an absolute pleasure, they took care of everything for us and were quick to answer any queries we had.  The installation was seamless.

The fan has made a remarkable difference in the gym, making it a much more pleasant environment for our members and staff during the hot summer months. 

Efficiency was a huge factor for us when looking for an effective cooling solution, and we have not been disappointed.  We have been able to run it right through summer without noticing an increase in our power bill. 

The other amazing thing is how quiet it is – we don’t even notice any noise!

I would highly recommend Jet Black Fans for anyone looking at a cooling system that is both effective and efficient."

Michelle Miller, Franklin Gymsports

industrial HVLS ceiling fan

Industrial Ceiling Fans

Industrial Ceiling Fans are great for cooling the largest spaces, typical uses include packhouses, warehouses, distribution, big box retail stores etc.  Ranging from 4.9m - 7.3m diameter.
Commercial Ceiling Fans

Commercial Ceiling Fans

Commercial Ceiling Fans are great for cooling small - medium sized spaces, typical uses include restaurants, churches, retail stores, hotel reception etc Ranging from 2.4m - 4.2m diameter.

Get organised for summer, call now for excellent service and the most affordable cooling system for your large space.