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Oversized Industrial HVLS Fan

Where do High Volume Low Speed fans work best?

High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fans are arguably the most effective and efficient way to cool large buildings with high ceilings.  Jet Black Fans have experienced first hand that HVLS Fans are in fact the ONLY affordable way to cool people in buildings such as uninsulated industrial shed warehouses. 

Traditional cooling and ventilation systems are either cost prohibitive to install the system, too expensive to operate, or not fit for purpose (i.e. very loud or require closed spaces rather than open dispatch areas, etc). 

Many customers come to Jet Black Fans because a traditional cooling system is not achievable to install, and they recognise our HVLS fans provide the best and most cost effective alternative solution for them to create a more comfortable indoor environment for their staff and customers.  

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High Volume Fans used in church

Jet Black Fans offer Lease to Own

Need cooling for summer but no CAPEX budget?  Let Jet Black Fan Systems help.

Jet Black Fan Systems understand how tough it can be if you are a small business - we have been there first hand.  Therefore we now offer a unique to market solution to our smaller customers - if you are keen to help cool down your staff and customers, there is now an affordable option to help you achieve a more comfortable and cool summer you deserve.

  • Great rates available 
  • Get your fan now and pay off monthly over 2-3 years
  • Very low maintenance fans making every year affordable and easy

High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fans are an efficient and effective way to cool your workplace.  Jet Black Fans service industrial facilities as an easy yet effective cooling solution and commercial buildings where these fans are used in conjunction with your existing cooling systems to lower your operational costs significantly and decrease your carbon footprint. 

Jet Black Fans is perhaps the only NZ business that regularly hold stock of HVLS fans.  Ranging from ceiling fans, wall mounted and portable options, we can certainly assist in helping cool your staff and customers. 

Here to help with your cooling solution, give us a bell for this summer with our very special lease to own options available. 


Crasborn Freshmax Big Fans

Cool Solution for Crasborn Freshmax

Testimonial from Kerry at Crasborn Freshmax in Hastings NZ

Crasborn Packhouse based in sunny Hastings suffered the heat in their Packhouse, which caused health and safety issues and major discomfort to their workers.  They first invested in cooling towers before discovering Jet Black Fans HVLS fans as a cost effective alternative for effective air circulation and efficient cooling of people.

They noticed:

  • Increased staff performance
  • Increased comfort levels & corresponding staff happiness
  • Decreased temperature

Read more to hear from Kerry, or view Kerry's video testimonial

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Need efficient cooling for summer?

HVLS fans are ultimately a huge ceiling fan used to generate literally tons of airflow. 

The comfortable breeze generated by these fans creates an evaporative cooling effect when it touches your skin, which creates the cooling perception of up to 7 degrees Celsius!

  • Increase accuracy and productivity of your staff 
  • A cooling system you can afford to operate
  • Lower your carbon footprint

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HVLS Fan in basketball arena

HVLS Fans in Fitness and Sport Clubs

High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fans are the best way to cool people in large spaces such as fitness centres and sports clubs.  Easy.  Affordable.  Quiet.  Safe.  Look no further for your summer solution.

Many clubs and fitness centres suffer from the heat as it is cost prohibitive both to install and to operate a traditional cooling system.  Because large spaces are so difficult to cool down, they are often left to suffer the extremities of temperature with intense heat and humidity in summer and cold / condensation throughout winter.  

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Cool Dairy Farm animals with HVLS Fans

Pest Deterrent with HVLS Fans

  • Air movement that seems comfortable to humans can be overpowering to pests
  • HVLS fans create an environment with less moisture, deterring infestations of bugs
  • Buildings become safer when there are fewer pests distributing disease
  • HVLS fans can be part of an overall bird management program

Bird & Insect Problems

Customers in the horticulture and agriculture sector often have complaints with insects and birds, who will typically find a home wherever they can have access to food and water.  When birds inhabit a building, they can cause a lot of harm to other animals, one of the major concerns being with the diseases they carry and pass on through droppings and sharing the food / water supply.  Additionally, when they build a nest, they cause damage that will reduce aesthetics and integrity of a building.  Bird droppings land on cars and those passing by, and thereby increase flies.  The droppings also form fungus spores that, when inhaled by people and animals, can cause disease and respiratory problems.

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