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Pest Deterrent with HVLS Fans


Customers in the horticulture and agriculture sector often have complaints surrounding insects and birds, who will typically find a home wherever they can have access to food and water.  When birds inhabit a building, they can cause a lot of harm to other animals through the diseases they carry and pass on through droppings and sharing the food / water supply.  Additionally, when they build a nest, they cause damage that will reduce aesthetics and integrity of a building.  Bird droppings land on cars and those passing by, and also increase fly breeding and the droppings form fungus spores that, when inhaled by people and animals, can cause disease and respiratory problems.



According to pest control specialists, moisture is the major key to pest control and elimination.  Bugs rely on moisture to thrive and are often attracted to buildings that have a high level of moisture.  For buildings that are very humid, pests can appear almost anywhere.  Pest control companies advise their customers that most insects are not adapted to living in drier indoor conditions with better ventilation.



The good news is that moisture can be eliminated by circulating indoor building air with use of a HVLS fan.  HVLS fans prevents pockets of moisture from settling so will not only improve air quality, but will also remove one major incentive for pests. Certain types of pests, such as cockroaches, will not live in a building that has a low level of moisture. Mosquitoes depend on moisture to breed and will be less prevalent in a building with less moisture.

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Why importing fans is best left for the experts

 Why you shouldn’t import HVLS Fans yourself..


 High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fans are fast becoming a popular cooling option for industrial and commercial buildings in NZ.

Because of their low operational cost and very effective cooling breeze in small and large spaces, they are an efficient and relatively inexpensive option for keeping staff far more comfortable and consumers spending money for longer.

Compared to HVAC systems designed for commercial and industrial spaces, there is absolutely no comparison on cost.


Why are HVLS fans seemingly expensive?

 There are often questions surrounding the capital expense of HVLS fans; when it is seems for all intent and purposes to be just an overlarge ceiling fan.  Here are just a couple of indicators to the cost:

  1. The engineering behind this massive machine is quite complex. Engineer teams ensure a motor that has long life with no maintenance required, being used for 8-10 hours per day – this is quite a feat.
  2. The quality materials used to ensure IP55 rating, PMSM, no corrosion and long life are expensive materials.
  3. The variable speed drives are expensive to purchase and come pre-programmed to reduce the installation costs.
  4. Compliance international testing is resource exhaustive.

These fans are still the most affordable cooling solution by a country mile!


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Where do High Volume Low Speed fans work best?

High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fans are arguably the most effective and efficient way to cool large buildings. 

They are in fact the only way to cool certain types of buildings, such as uninsulated sheds, without being cost prohibitive to install the system and / or too expensive to operate it.  Many times we have customers come to us because a cooling system is not achievable to install, and these fans have provided the best alternative solution for them.  We have happy customers who are thrilled to have saved the money on capital and are delighted with the efficiency of the fans – most don’t even notice any increase in their power bill!

Types of buildings that benefit from High Volume Low Speed Fans:

  • Industrial Sheds
  • Big Box Retail Stores
  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Gym / Fitness Centre
  • Gymnastics Clubs
  • Cow Sheds
  • Horticultural Packhouses and Sheds
  • Goat Sheds
  • Churches
  • Restaurants
  • Event Centres
  • Airports


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HVLS Fans in Fitness and Sport Clubs

High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fans are the best way to cool people in large spaces such as fitness centres and sports clubs.  Easy.  Affordable.  Quiet.  Safe.  Look no further for your summer solution.

Many clubs and fitness centres suffer from lack of cooling as it is cost prohibitive both to install and to operate.  Because large spaces are so difficult to effectively and efficiently cool, they are often left to suffer the extremeties of weather with intense heat and humidity in summer and cold and full of condensation throughout winter.  

There is an affordable way to combat this problem, both for summer and winter.  You may be wondering why you have never heard of this before - don't worry, you are not alone in being unaware of this great product.  HVLS fans were invented in the late 1990's and used in high heat areas around the world, largely America, before crossing to Asia, Middle East, Europe and Australia.  They are now slowly entering NZ as they have proven themselves so effective at combating heat in overseas facilities.

NZ facilities are often under insulated, with fitness and sports clubs largely operating from large industrial buildings.  This type of facility presents so many problems for effective heating and cooling.  This is where HVLS fans come in as the only effective and affordable cooling solution for your members.  These fans work by pushing huge amounts of air around the building, creating circulation which thereby increases ventilation, disperses unpleasant odours, decreases humidity all while cooling people down.  Think about a hot day outside - if there is no breeze it can be unbearable, however add a breeze and suddenly the temperature seems to drop and become more tolerable; these fans work the same way.  

Another great aspect about these fans is the range of applications they can be used in, available in wall mounted, ceiling mounted, portable or freestanding. No matter your facility type, these can be easily installed and dismantled / moved to new premises as required.

Key Benefits Include:

  • So quiet you will not notice them
  • Massive airflow for ultimate cooling of members
  • So cheap to operate - from 100w - 1.8KW at maximum power, you will barely notice it on your power bill
  • Reduce odours through circulation
  • Increase indoor air quality 
  • Variable speed drive - you control the breeze
  • Jet Black Fans have the only fans in NZ seismically tested and rated for BIL1,2&3 in all areas of NZ without requiring additional (expensive) restraints

Check out this video clip of Simone Biles in her training facility - HVLS fans are prominent from 10 seconds into the clip.  

If it is good enough for Simone Biles.......... 


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Jet Black Fans offer Lease to Own

Need cooling for summer but no budget?

If you are keen to help cool your staff and customers, Jet Black Fan Systems have an affordable option to help you achieve the cool summer you deserve.

  • Pay off over 3 years
  • Great interest rate available 
  • Get your fan now and pay off monthly over 3 years
  • Very low maintenance fans making every year affordable and easy

High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fans are an efficient and effective way to cool your workplace.  We service both industrial facilities where in most cases only HVLS fans are used due to being the only form of cooling that is affordable in these building types, and commercial buildings where these fans are used to lower your operational costs significantly and decrease your carbon footprint. 

Industrial High Volume Low Speed fan application:

HVLS fans used in industrial buildings work by moving around tons of air, to create evaporative cooling which gives the cooling effect of up to 10 degrees Celcius.  These fans are so affordable to operate they cost from as little as a regular light bulb to run - you are unlikely to even notice this on your power bill!  The cooling effects generated from HVLS industrial fans can deliver the following benefits:

  • Increase staff retention - happy workers stick around, saving you money on recruitment and training
  • Increase accuracy - there are several studies proving that workers who work in a comfortable room temperature make less mistakes, which saves your business money
  • Increase air quality - by circulating literally tons of air, you increase the ventilation, decrease odours, disperse harmful fumes, reduce humidity.  Your staff and customers will love the natural air quality these HVLS fans bring to your workplace

Most industrial buildings are not airtight nor insulated well, which means it costs a fortune to install a refrigeration cooling system capable of servicing the building, then operationally the cost could well put you out of business.  HVLS fans offer an affordable alternative that costs so little to run you wont even notice it.  Additionally, if you already have extraction fans installed then these fans work in conjunction to help actively lower the air temperature in your building.

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