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Where do High Volume Low Speed fans work best?

High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fans are arguably the most effective and efficient way to cool large buildings. 

They are in fact the only way to cool certain types of buildings, such as uninsulated sheds, without being cost prohibitive to install the system and / or too expensive to operate it.  Many times we have customers come to us because a cooling system is not achievable to install, and these fans have provided the best alternative solution for them.  We have happy customers who are thrilled to have saved the money on capital and are delighted with the efficiency of the fans – most don’t even notice any increase in their power bill!

Types of buildings that benefit from High Volume Low Speed Fans:

  • Industrial Sheds
  • Big Box Retail Stores
  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Gym / Fitness Centre
  • Gymnastics Clubs
  • Cow Sheds
  • Horticultural Packhouses and Sheds
  • Goat Sheds
  • Churches
  • Restaurants
  • Event Centres
  • Airports


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Jet Black Fans offer Lease to Own

Need cooling for summer but no budget?

If you are keen to help cool your staff and customers, Jet Black Fan Systems have an affordable option to help you achieve the cool summer you deserve.

  • Pay off over 3 years
  • Great interest rate available 
  • Get your fan now and pay off monthly over 3 years
  • Very low maintenance fans making every year affordable and easy

High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fans are an efficient and effective way to cool your workplace.  We service both industrial facilities where in most cases only HVLS fans are used due to being the only form of cooling that is affordable in these building types, and commercial buildings where these fans are used to lower your operational costs significantly and decrease your carbon footprint. 

Industrial High Volume Low Speed fan application:

HVLS fans used in industrial buildings work by moving around tons of air, to create evaporative cooling which gives the cooling effect of up to 10 degrees Celcius.  These fans are so affordable to operate they cost from as little as a regular light bulb to run - you are unlikely to even notice this on your power bill!  The cooling effects generated from HVLS industrial fans can deliver the following benefits:

  • Increase staff retention - happy workers stick around, saving you money on recruitment and training
  • Increase accuracy - there are several studies proving that workers who work in a comfortable room temperature make less mistakes, which saves your business money
  • Increase air quality - by circulating literally tons of air, you increase the ventilation, decrease odours, disperse harmful fumes, reduce humidity.  Your staff and customers will love the natural air quality these HVLS fans bring to your workplace

Most industrial buildings are not airtight nor insulated well, which means it costs a fortune to install a refrigeration cooling system capable of servicing the building, then operationally the cost could well put you out of business.  HVLS fans offer an affordable alternative that costs so little to run you wont even notice it.  Additionally, if you already have extraction fans installed then these fans work in conjunction to help actively lower the air temperature in your building.

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Need efficient cooling for summer?

The answer is High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fans.

HVLS fans are ultimately a huge ceiling fan used to create literally tons of airflow. 

The breeze generated by these fans creates an evaporative cooling effect when it touches your skin, which creates the cooling perception of up to 7 degrees Celsius!

** Lower your carbon footprint

** Increase accuracy and productivity of your staff 

** Invest in a cooling system you can afford to operate

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Crasborn Freshmax feel the difference

Crasborn feel cooler thanks to Jet Black Fans.

Crasborn Packhouse based in sunny Hastings suffered the heat in their Packhouse, which caused health and safety issues and major discomfort to their workers.  They first invested in cooling towers before discovering Jet Black Fans HVLS fans as a great cost effective alternative for efficient air circulation and effective cooling of people.

They noticed:

Increased performance & staff happiness

Increased comfort levels

Decreased temperature

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